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Still Lifes: Between the ephemeral and the eternal

The interplay of light and darkness is a central theme in my work. I am fascinated by paintings in which the artist mediates between the ephemeral and the eternal. Working on still life subjects, I find myself thinking about things that are fragile and things that endure, and about the human touch that creates, cherishes or discards, and sometimes celebrates these objects. While I use a traditional early nineteenth century palette of earth pigments, I am not attempting to return to a past era; rather, I want the work to evoke a contemporary encounter in the long continuum of human creativity.

My paintings of bowls contain elements of self portrait – bowls may be centered and still or eccentric and dancing. A covered burl bowl is a mystery – is it empty or full? What does it contain?

Amaryllis - January Window
Oil on canvas
18" x 36"
Blue and White Bowl
Oil on gessoed panel
12 " x 12"
Bowls and Pumpkins
Oil on canvas over panel
16" x 28"
Burl Bowl
Oil on canvas
16" x 20"
Dancing Bowl
Oil on gessoed panel
12 " x 12"

Dragon Teapot
Oil on gessoed panel
12" x 12"

Lacquer Bowl II
Oil on canvas
20 " x 24"
Oil on canvas
16 " x 20"

Willow Bowl
Oil on canvas
22 " x 28"




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